Daniel Garcia
Clinical Director, Ph.D., M.T.S.


Dr. Garcia is a bilingual, licensed psychologist. Prior to seeking formalized training in psychology, he pursued his interest in philosophical, classical and religious studies at Harvard University’s Divinity School, where he earned his Master of Theological Studies. Dr. Garcia received his doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Austin and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine’s Menninger Clinic. His research and clinical focus is on Lacanian psychoanalysis, psychosis, the psychology of religion, and anxiety disorders.

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Daniel R. GarzaM.D.

Dr. Garza is a fully licensed, board-certified psychiatrist. He specializes in mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder and depression, as well as anxiety and attention-deficit disorders.


Marcelo ZigaranPh.D.

Marcelo Zigaran is a concert cellist and Lacanian psychoanalyst. He combines his areas of expertise to provide unique therapeutic insights as a MendCenter consultant.

José L. SánchezL.P.C.

José Sánchez is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has extensive experience working individually with adults, adolescents, and couples, as well as with groups.