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Case Management

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What is it?

Mental health case managers work with individuals with mental illness, substance abuse problems and other personal challenges. We serve our clients by assisting them in any way that can improve their quality of life. This often includes connecting them with community resources, advocating for them or assisting them in any biopsychosocial need.  

How we do it


Initial Consultation

The first step in receiving case management services is the initial assessment conducted by one of our case managers. By assessing each client's individual understanding of their strengths, personal needs and psychosocial difficulties we can create a case management plan that establishes personalized goals and tasks with the aim of increasing client individuality and overall life satisfaction.


Treatment plan

Common goals found in our treatment plans include:
  • Help set schedules or routines in order to facilitate time management;
  • Provide transport and escort to appointments, services or tasks;
  • Facilitate connection to community resources; 
  • Support clients with job searches, resume building, interview prep, etc.; 
  • Provide medication education and management; 
  • Teach self-advocacy skills including patient rights within the mental health community. This can help clients make informed decisions; 
  • Help obtain documentation in order to promote a more independent lifestyle (e.g., drivers license, state issued ID, etc.).


The MendCenter case management team meets with the client and his or her support system to assess progress and setbacks in order to continually personalize their case management plan.

Who is it for

Anyone who struggles to live the kind of life they want to live due to mental health challenges. Our primary provider of case management services has the following message for you:

My purpose as a case manager is to extend a hand in helping you navigate the factors of what it means to recover and heal. I am here to optimize your time at The MendCenter and to work with you in building a life of your choosing.

- Taz  

Taz Headhot

To get started with our case management services, contact us to set up an initial assessment.

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