Individual Therapy

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What is it?

MendCenter clinicians meet with patients individually to treat a variety of psychiatric conditions. We specialize in the treatment of personality disorders and mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Treatment of these disorders often includes suicide monitoring and management of suicidal tendencies. It may also include medication management as needed.

Dr. Daniel Garcia has developed a particular expertise in working with patients who struggle with religious and spiritual issues as well as with scrupulosity disorder. He also has extensive experience working with professionals such as physicians, attorneys, educators, entrepreneurs, business executives, and people in public office.

How we do it


Initial Consultation

The first step is the initial assessment, where the analyst and patient begin to work together to identify underlying problematic patterns and behaviors.


Treatment plan

Our clinicians will work with patients and their families to develop a plan tailored to their symptoms and psychological treatment needs.



In addition to treatment sessions, patients and their families will meet with clinicians to assess progress and develop a plan for the next phase of healing.

Who is it for

Similar to psychoanalysis, individual psychotherapy is best suited for persons who have a question about themselves. While the questions may be similar to those addressed in psychoanalysis, they more often center around a symptom and gradually expand from there.

For example, someone experiencing significant anxiety may seek therapy in order to reduce their symptom, but over the course of therapy begins to realize that easing the symptom is not the end goal itself. It is simply a consequence of negotiating with the symptom.

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