Lacanian Psychoanalysis

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What is it?

Lacanian Psychoanalysis is radically different than most other therapeutic approaches. As a form of treatment, Lacanian Psychoanalysis highlights the analysand's (the person seeking psychoanalysis) unconscious desire and aims to free him/her up to pursue it. 

While this sounds simple, life experience shows us that true desire is not straightforward and is often times experienced as missing, frustrated, halted or impossible. The ethics of Lacanian Psychoanalysis requires us to weigh our symptoms versus our desire so that we might be able to chose.

How we do it


Initial Consultation

The first step is the initial assessment, where Dr. Garcia and the analysand (the person seeking analysis) begin to work together to address the analysand's reason for seeking treatment.


Treatment plan

Psychoanalysis usually requires multiple sessions per week over the course of a prolonged period of time. Of course, these vary from person to person as no two persons are identical.


Psychoanalysis is a work in progress. One of the fundamental benchmarks of a personal analysis is the extent to which the analysand is free to pursue his or her own desire while taking responsibility for it.

Who is it for

Psychoanalysis is best suited for persons who have a question about themselves. Common questions tend to be:

  • Am I a man or a woman?
  • Am I good or bad?
  • Am I gay or straight?
  • Am I dead or alive?


In addition to the question, they seek to direct it to someone who "should" know the answer to their query. What psychoanalysis aims to do is to disrupt the idea that an Absolute Other not only knows the answer but can actually resolve these questions. In the end, it is only the Subject, as revealed in the psychoanalysis treatment, who can know and answer these questions for him or herself.

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