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Psychological Testing

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What is it?

Psychological testing can be employed to answer a variety of diagnostic questions. The MendCenter's approach to psychological testing rests on the assumption that psychological suffering is facilitated, fostered and exacerbated by internal conflicts, unmet needs, negative self-concepts, and other difficulties that operate outside of our awareness. Psychological testing is a method of investigation that allows us the opportunity to shed some light on these areas and provide recommendations for their resolution.

We provide four types of testing: psychological, cognitive, achievement, and comprehensive. 

Psychological testing answers four fundamental questions:

Who is it for

General Psychological testing is for: 

The person who needs to differentiate between their (potential) psychiatric symptoms versus personality or characterological traits. Therefore, psychological testing can help answer a question like - Do I have bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder?

Cognitive testing is for:

The person who seeks to assess the neurological or cognitive underpinnings of functions related to memory, speech, and executive functioning. Cognitive testing can help answer a question like - Do I have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or am I suffering from dementia?

Achievement testing is for:

The person who needs to detect learning differences as well as receive specific interventions that might help the learning process. Questions addressed by this type of assessment regard difficulties with writing, spelling, mathematics, and general academic achievement.

Comprehensive testing is for:

The person who may benefit from a combination of some or all of these differing types of testing in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their neuro-psychological well-being.

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